GW Pharma shares surge on FDA briefing document that hints at approval of cannabis-derived drug, CBD Health Co. is prepared to launch a unique hemp-based pet supplement product


    EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC: ETII)

    EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC: ETII) is showing momentum again. Taking into consideration the previous share price spikes in January-February and March 2018, the bullish thesis is drawing the attention of the market. In addition, the recent increase in the daily trading average volume also shows that market interest is growing around this stock.

    After a year of ups and downs in the market, its recent acquisition (CBD Health Co.) has put the company back in the spotlight. In a recent press release, the company announced that its subsidiary, CBD Health Co., (, a company that markets and sells high quality and proprietary hemp-based, natural CBD health products, is prepared to launch a unique hemp-based pet supplement product.

    Full Press Release:

    Humans use hemp products to treat chronic pain, epilepsy, and anxiety. Dosing pets with CBD is an emerging trend among pet owners in the US and internationally. Medical studies have shown CBD to have a potent anti-arthritic therapeutic action, also including benefits for nausea, seizures, anxiety, and cancer.

    The pet food and product markets have grown to over $7 billion worldwide, nearly doubling since 2000.

    “We look forward to helping our subsidiary, CBD, penetrate this very lucrative pet market through our marketing expertise and contacts,” said Randall Waters, ETI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

    EnviroTechnologies International is a publicly listed company that develops and markets proprietary, synergistic products for the oil and gas and agriculture industries as well as wellness products. The company’s products are safe, natural, and non-toxic and “green” products for industries that often show little concern for the environment but are now feeling the social and governmental need to go “green.” The company’s completely green and natural products are proprietary, unique and highly effective innovations to its target markets.

    CBD Health Co. is an emerging innovative leader in the hemp-based industry. The products are distributed in all 50 states, USA-made, and produced with CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant.

    EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC: ETII) is in a good position to take advantage of the burgeoning Hemp/CBD industry.

    ETII is on the brink of a serious breakout and market interest is only really likely to go up in the coming year.

    GW Pharmaceuticals PLC (NASDAQ:GWPH) shares surged after the release of positive briefing documents for a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee meeting regarding the company’s cannabis-derived drug epidiolex. Epidiolex — which contains cannabidiol (CBD), rather than the psychoactive component of cannabis, THC — is intended for seizures associated with two rare types of childhood epilepsy. The drug’s cannabis-derived nature has been expected to be a sticking point in the approval process, and if approved, it would be the country’s first cannabis-derived drug. But the FDA briefing documents raised no issues with the drug containing CBD, citing the FDA’s controlled substances staff’s conclusion that CBD “has a negligible abuse potential.” The briefing document also found that safety risks connected to CBD seemed acceptable, including risk of liver injury, which can be managed and monitored. “Although the review is still ongoing, the risk-benefit profile established by the data in the application appears to support approval of cannabidiol for the treatment of seizures associated with [Lennox-Gastaut syndrome] and [Dravet syndrome],” the briefing document said. The FDA’s advisory committee will consider the drug on Thursday. The FDA commonly follows an advisory committee’s recommendation, but there are exceptions.



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